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Castleton 2022 Second Flush Muscatel Darjeeling

Castleton 2022 Second Flush Muscatel Darjeeling


Simply put...

One of our small lot offerings from our 2022 trip to Darjeeling this rich, sweet lingering cup is from one of Darjeeling’s most famous second flush gardens 

How to make Castleton Second Flush Darjeeling Tea

Amount of tea per serving (200 ml): 2.5g (1/2 tea caddy spoon / 1 teaspoons)

Temperature of water: 95℃ / 185℉ (boil kettle, cool for 20 seconds)

Infusion time: 3-4 minutes or as desired

Number of infusions: 1

How to enjoy: No milk, no sugar

In more depth...

Provenance: Tea Gardens : Castleton tea estate : located in the South Valley of Kurseong at an elevation of 100-2300 metres and home to the most famous muscatel second flush teas.   

Plucking standard : two leaves and a bud

Description : A rich, sweet lingering cup


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