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Pandam 2021 Second Flush Darjeeling Tea [Limited Lot]

Pandam 2021 Second Flush Darjeeling Tea [Limited Lot]


Simply put...

Tea Name : Pandam 2021 Second Flush Darjeeling Tea [Limited Lot]

A full cup Second Flush with the hint of orange [which Pandam is famous for]

This tea will be delivered in our new compostable packaging >> read more  here

In more depth... 

The tea garden...

KC Shares : The 111 hectare Pandam garden sits at 5 1/2 to 6 thousand feet : here the tea, which is 100% china variety, grows slowly and, like all slow growing tea estates offers the tantalising prospect of small lot high quality tea.  


  • Date of plucking : 16.6.21
  • Fine % : 50% Fine :  50% one leaf and a bud and 50% second leaf
  • Manufacture date : 17.6.21
  • Withering : 64% -  KC shares : '% wither depends on leaf quality, ambience and type of tea you make.   64% wither is a medium - harder wither'
  • Rolling : 40 minutes
  • Fermenting [oxidation] : 3 hours
  • Drying temp : 235 C 

Leaf Analysis....

  • Type of tea bushes : Full china tea giving unity in the leaf and the infusion
  • Wet leaf is red & coppery.  100% unity in the colour.  The lighter wither (64%) gives the golden tone to the leaf : when the wither is lighter the tips have extra moisture which, when rolled enhances oxidation

Tea Profile....

  • Pandam is famous for producing small lots of high quality China teas : the teas are known for their 'orange' undertones  'The tea bushes at Pandam draw in the wealth of cosmic forces to produce teas that carry the freshness of nature in a bright cup with a smooth, sweet flavour'

Origin : Pandam Tea Garden,  Darjeeling, West Bengal, India.

Size : Total area- 111 Ha

Harvest Time : 16.6.21

Cultivar : All China Type

Plucking standard : Two leaves and one bud

Processing : Withered, rolled and fired.

Experience :  A full cup Second Flush with the hint of orange [which Pandam is famous for]

Last visited by Comins : June 2018, Michelle Comins

How to prepare tea GAIWAN

Amount of tea per bowl (200 ml): 2.5 g (1 tsp)

Water temperature: 95 / 212 

Infusion / brewing time: 2-3 minutes

Number of infusions: 3

How to enjoy: No sugar, no milk.

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