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Ringtong 2022 First  Flush Darjeeling

Ringtong 2022 First Flush Darjeeling


Simply put...

A mild and sweetly floral first flush


Every time we go to Darjeeling we call into Nathmulls tea store - a tea store established in 1931 and is one of the oldest retailers and exporters of Darjeeling. This year we called in and asked for a recommendation and this small lot was one of the teas that Girish recommended 

How to make Ringtong First Flush Darjeeling Tea

Amount of tea per serving (200 ml): 2.5g (1/2 tea caddy spoon / 1 teaspoons)

Temperature of water: 95℃ / 185℉ (boil kettle, cool for 20 seconds)

Infusion time: 3-4 minutes or as desired

Number of infusions: 1

How to enjoy: No milk, no sugar

In more depth...

Provenance: Ringtong tea garden

Altitude : 3200 - 5600ft

Location : Sonada Valley 

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