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Jack Doherty Tea Bowl (Grey/Bronze)

Jack Doherty Tea Bowl (Grey/Bronze)


We are delighted to bring you these very special stoneware tea bowls from Penzance based maker Jack Doherty.

Meet the Maker

The clay is sourced locally from St Agnes in Cornwall ( from Dobles, the same family that supplied the Leach pottery with clay for decades.) It is a rough dark clay body with a rich, warm red colour from the inclusion of the mineral, iron oxide.The porcelain pieces Jack makes are also Soda-fired and the only colour he adds is Copper. The written text below describes the porcelain work but the firing process is the same for the stoneware.

My work is made using one clay, one colouring mineral and a single firing. As close to a sustainable ceramics practice as I can achieve. Over the years the process has become simpler and more refined in the belief that stripping away the unnecessary can produce work with complexity and depth 

My creative process is based on traditional throwing and hand building methods. I love the freedom that these techniques give to explore and enjoy the fluid sensual qualities of porcelain. My firing technique is unique, where the space within the kiln is used creatively. I produce my individual colour palette of blues, smokey greys and russet by using the kiln atmosphere, temperature and soda as a catalyst in the firing which develops a bespoke surface on each piece.

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