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British Made Comins Tea Tins

British Made Comins Tea Tins


Storing tea properly to preserve its freshness is vital. Our British-made tea tins are perfect for storing tea in the kitchen or when you are on the move.

The inspiration for our tea tins was found in an antique shop in Brussels. A tin with a scrap of an order form inside turned out to be a tea sample tin. We knew instantly we had to recreate them.

Simply Put...

The design of our tea tin was inspired by a visit to a Brussels antique shop. Here we discovered what turned out to be an old tea-sample tin, a scrap of an order form still inside. Further investigation revealed that our tin would have been one of hundreds sent from a tea garden in India to the, now closed, London Tea Auctions in the early part of the last century. Each one had an embossed identification number and contained a small amount of loose leaf tea for sampling before an order was made.

They were sometimes retained in case a buyer had any issues with quality. Such tins are still used in some parts of the world. Once we discovered the origin of our tin we knew instantly we had to recreate it for our tea house. Each tin is 8.5cm wide, 12cm long and 4.5cm high and can be filled with between 50 - around 100 grams of tea. (This depends on the type of tea. For example, it will hold 50g of our Silver Needle tea and 100g of our other tea types) N.B. Tea tin labels are not included. Please see the accessories section. The complex processes required to handcraft our tea tins create minute variations in their detail and finishing, making each one unique.


The company we have commissioned to make our tin is a South West based metal work specialist with a long and prestigious history in the UK. Our tins are made by Andrew and his team. Andrew began his engineering career at the company and is known there as the man to turn to when you’re not sure of the ‘best way to do something’. Andrew’s natural flair in offering the best possible solutions meant that our vision was soon realised and the Comins Tea Tea Tin was born. 

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