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Dark Green ‘Carry Bag’ | Zhu Ring Studio Jingdezhen

Dark Green ‘Carry Bag’ | Zhu Ring Studio Jingdezhen


Perfect for taking your tea set & tea wherever you go these tea bags are made by Zhu rong and Li Jun Rong. 

This bag will hold : 1 Travelling Teapot or Gaiwan, 4 sipping cups, tea & tea spoon

Product Story : Michelle Comins : I first came across Zhu Rongs store whilst wandering the tree lined streets here last Spring. This store was different - every other store sold ceramics but not this one. This store was full of vibrant fabric tea bags especially designed for the safe storage of precious teaware & for tea lovers who want to enjoy tea on their travels.
'Every piece is sewn by my parents & a team of around a dozen workers in my home town in Henan. All the fabric is from Huangzhou. I've been here around 5 years since I spotted a gap in the market' shared Zhu Rong

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