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Yame Sencha 'Harashima' [Yabukita]

Yame Sencha 'Harashima' [Yabukita]


Simply put...

A single cultivar [Yabukita] sencha with a wonderfully sharp, prominent flavour

We were very lucky to receive a visit from Koga San whose company represents and processes Mr. Masashi's Harashima along with a representative from the Kyusu prefecture - you can read more directly from Koga San >> here <<

In more depth...

Tea Name : Yame Sencha ‘Harashima'

Tea Maker : Mr. Masashi Harashima

Origin : Yame, Kyushu island

Size : The total area of Mr. Harashima's tea plantation is 6 hectares.

Harvest Time : First Harvest 

Cultivar : Yabukita

Plucking standard : Open-field culture. Young leaves from the first harvest. 

Processing : 

1. [摘採茶葉を摘採します。
[Plucking] Tea leaves are picked.
2. [蒸熱(じょうねつ)新鮮な茶葉を蒸し、酸化酵素の働きを止めます。
[Steaming] The fresh leaves are steamed and thereby the oxidase is deactivated.
3. [粗揉(そじゅう)乾燥した熱風を送り込みながら打圧を加え、適度に摩擦・圧迫しながら揉みます。
[Primary drying] The steamed leaves are exposed to hot air while at the same time rolled and dried.
4. [中揉(ちゅうじゅう)乾燥した熱風を送りながら打圧を加えて揉みます。茶葉を解きほぐし、撚れた形を与え、精揉工程で整形しやすいように乾燥させます。
[Secondary drying] While exposed to warm air, the tea is rolled in order to arrange the shape of the leaves.
5. [精揉(せいじゅう)緑茶独特の細く伸びた形に整えるため、乾燥を進めながら、人間が手で揉むように一定方向にだけ揉みます。
[Final rolling] The shape of the leaves are then further arranged.
6. [乾燥茶葉は完全に乾燥され、「荒茶」(生茶)の製造が完了します。
[Tea drying] The tea leaves are then thoroughly dried, and the production of “Aracha” (crude tea) is completed.
7. [精製荒茶の形およびサイズに従って分類するためにふるいにかけられ、カットする仕上げプロセスを通過します。
[Refining] The tea then goes through a finishing process where the Aracha is sifted and cut in order to sort it according to shape and size.
8. [梱包お茶を袋やケースに詰めます。
[Packing] The tea is then finally packed into sacks or cases.

Experience : Wonderfully sharp prominent flavour.  Beautifully refreshing.

Last visited by Comins : October 2017, Rob Comins

How to prepare [Kyusu]

Amount of tea per cup (200 ml): 2

Temperature of water: 80 C 

Infusion time: 30 seconds to 1 minute

Number of infusions: Up to 4*

How to enjoy: No milk, no sugar

*Possible number of times you can re-brew using the same leaves.  

This tea can be infused/brewed multiple times, just place the leaves to one side and reuse. 

More Information....

You can read more about the traditional preparation of Sencha Harashima on our blog and also by watching the video below from Kumiko's visit to Comins.  

Follow Kumiko's top tips to get the best from your tea!

Let's brew delicious tea!  Top tips from Kumiko!

  • Understand the characteristics of tea
  • Choose teaware suitable for the tea type.  IF you use a big teapot to brew sencha the taste will not be so good.  
  • Choose the correct water.  The water is different if the country is different In japan water is soft, in the UK water is hard.  Soft water is suitable for Japanese tea.  When using mineral water please also look at the hardness of water I often use Volvic when I brew tea in Europe and can brew delicious tea.
  • Boil water surely.  This is because if not skip the dissolved air in the water you can not extract the ingedients of tea well.    Boil until the bubbles and big bubbles come out, please boil thoroughly for 3-5 minutes and let it down from the fire
  • Determine the amount of tea, the amount of hot water, the temperature of the hot water, the brewing time according to the tea type and number of people 
  • Mawashi tsugi [pour and go around] so that the concentration of each tea cup will be the same
  • Pour until the very last drop - even with black tea it is said the drop is a golden drop, pour until the very last delicious drop of Japanese tea.  


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