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Matcha Super Premium Tea

Matcha Super Premium Tea


Simply put...

This smooth, mellow Matcha grows in the rich, fertile riverbed soils in Uji.

How to make Matcha Green Tea

Amount of tea per serving (80ml): 2.5g (half a tea caddy spoon / 2 Chashaku*) Sift before use to remove lumps.

Temperature of water: 70℃ / 176℉ (boil kettle, cool for 3 minutes, or add cold water)

Infusion time: Once water added whisk until there is a rich foam in top.

Number of infusions: 1

How to enjoy: No milk, no sugar

*A Chashuka is a traditional matcha bamboo measuring spoon. Each chashuka equals 1 teaspoon.

NOTE: To create a rich and foamy bowl of Matcha, move the bamboo whisk or 'Chasen' quickly like writing the letter "W." It is not a circular stirring motion. Move your wrist back and forth very quickly in short jerks. This method creates a nice frothy lather. If you do not have a whisk a milk frother or normal whisk will suffice.

In more depth...

Provenance: Uji, Japan

Matcha Super Premium Green Tea Grade: Our Matcha Super Premium is the highest grade of Matcha produced in Japan.

Matcha Super Premium Green Tea Origin:

This smooth, mellow Matcha grows in the rich, fertile riverbed soils in Uji. Perfect for Koicha (thick) and Usucha (thin) Matcha. Before picking the leaves are shaded for 20-30 days. This method is called ‘Tana’ and changes the way the plant photosynthesises, creating more beneficial catechins (antioxidants). It also softens and sweetens the finished product. The leaves are hand picked with immense care. As most Japanese teas are trimmed by machine, this traditional style is relatively rare and create are more smooth and mellow.

Matcha Super Premium Green Tea Flavour: Matcha Super Premium makes a drink that has a distinguished, deep, mellow, sweet flavour. The aroma is grassy and sweet. Regular Matcha drinkers will appreciate the step up in flavour from the Superior Matcha.


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