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Monday Tea & Meditation [6 week package + meditation mat] STARTING 05.10.20

Monday Tea & Meditation [6 week package + meditation mat] STARTING 05.10.20



Based on the popular 'Monday Tea & Meditation sessions' held during lockdown Michelle & Camille are delighted to bring a more formal package to our customers.  To learn more on the background to this collaboration please click here to listen to our podcast 

This is our 6 week package + meditation mat : please see below for more details

On signing up you will receive your own Tea & Meditation box this will include 6 carefully wrapped packages - 1 to be opened each Monday.  In each box :-

  1. A welcome letter with details of how to sign into the weekly ZOOM sessions along with an overview of the 6 week programme
  2. 6 carefully selected 15g tea packages - chosen to match the meditation & a small stack of tea filters.  Each package will include a card offering an overview of the meditation & a suggestion for a mindfulness exercise to practice throughout the week
  3. Our beautiful Niraamaya Meditation Mat

Every Monday at 7.30pm - 8.30pm for 6 weeks [+ time for our virtual 'Tea House'] we invite you to join our LIVE sessions on ZOOM

  1. Michelle will first invite you to prepare your tea & as we take some warming sips and enter a state of relaxation Michelle will share a tea tale related to the tea and to the meditation theme - many of the teas are from our Tea with Purpose range meaning that every participant in this programme is supporting the aims of the growers involved in this project
  2. Camille will then guide you through the meditation, the theme of which is detailed on the card in your package
  3. We will close with details of a mindfulness exercise that you can practice throughout the week
  4. Once the hour is complete we will then keep the line open for a relaxed 'Tea House' where we can share tea & perspectives on the meditation or answer any questions - a chance for us to get to know our community

    If you would like to have a tea bowl to enjoy your tea from you can also browse these and order those in addition here 

    As part of our community : At the end of the sessions you will have access to all of the meditations from Camille Elizabeth to access & use as needed!

    IN ADVANCE : You need to download and familiarise with ZOOM

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