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Enjoy tea in nature [gift set] : patterned blue flask

Enjoy tea in nature [gift set] : patterned blue flask


Throughout the year we enjoy taking tea outside and these neat tea flasks make it simple to take your favourite teas with you!  These flasks can be used in two different ways : - either place the teas in the flask and fill wth hot water, using the short filter to hold the leaves in when you decant [this means you will need to take cups and a separate flask of hot water out with you] or brew using the longer basket and remove the leaf before you go out.  We have chosen three of our favourite teas - all more heavily oxidised Taiwanese Oolongs - to enjoy outside.  All you need to do is find a seat in nature and take time out over tea! 

15g GUI FEI : Warming oolong with a distinct honey character 

15g HONG SHUI : A rich fruity oolong with a roasted tone.

10g SHUI XIAN : A heavily baked oolong characterised by its dark, wiry leaves and a rich, honeyed flavour


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