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Ceylon Green Tea - Comins Tea

Ceylon Green Tea


From the Indulgashinna Tea Garden, Uva Province, Sri Lanka. A mild, sweet, slightly floral loose leaf steamed green tea.

How to make hand-rolled Green Tea: 

Amount of tea per cup (200ml):
5g (one tea caddy spoon) or (2 tsp) of leaf

Temperature of water:
Infuse at 80 C (176 F)

Infusion time:
2-3 minutes as desired

Number of infusions:
Leaves can be re-infused up to 3 times*

How to enjoy:
No milk, no sugar 

In more depth...

Idulgashinna began life as a tea estate in 1984. It quickly became one of the pioneers of organic tea farming and was certified Organic back in 1989. This pioneering nature was further exemplified by it being categorised as Biodynamic since 1999. It has also acted under the Fairtrade banner since 1992. Read more about our trip to this garden on Comins blog.

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