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Chamling Monsoon Darjeeling

Chamling Monsoon Darjeeling


Simply put...

Plucked and manufactured in early August of 2021 this tea is a personal favourite of our great friend KC
In KCs words ‘Every time I drink this tea I get the aroma of land finely blended with wild berries’

This tea will be delivered in our new compostable packaging >> read more  here

In more depth...

Tea Name : Chamling Monsoon Darjeeling

Origin : Chamling (previously Sepoydhura), Kurseong Tehsil, West Bengal 

Harvest Time : Early August

Plucking standard : Two leaves and one bud

Processing : Moderately withered ( 61%) and rolled ( 30 mts) , aptly oxidised ( 2.5hrs)  and roasted with a relatively higher temperature ( 230 deg F) for a shorter throughput of 20  minutes, this tea has matured over the months to present a delightful experience. 

Experience :  A full late season cup with the aroma of the land finely blended with wild berries

How to prepare tea [Western Style]...

Amount of tea per bowl (200 ml): 2.5 g (1 tsp)

Water temperature: 100 / 212 

Infusion / brewing time: 3 minutes

Number of infusions: 3

How to enjoy: No sugar, no milk.

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