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Kenyan Hand Rolled [Gatanga]

Kenyan Hand Rolled [Gatanga]


Simply put...

From the Gatanga tea garden and cottage factory this hand rolled Kenyan black tea offers a bright, fresh and vibrant cup.  This tea will change your morning routine forever! 

This tea will be delivered in our new compostable packaging >> read more  here

We pride ourselves on our approach to building fair & sustainable relationships in Kenyan Tea.  Read more about our partnerships in Orthodox Kenyan Tea here 

In more depth...

Tea Name : Gatanga Hand Rolled

Tea Maker : This tea was processed in the Gatanga cottage factory by Elizabeth Njeri and Tereziah Soymbua.

Origin : Gatanga tea garden and cottage factory [ Nr Mbugiti] owned by Mr. Karanja Kinyanjui and managed by Mr Joseph Nuthia at an altitude of 2050 meters above sea level.  

Size of garden : 150 acres

Harvest Time/Date : June 2019

Cultivar : 303/577

Grade : OP- Orange Pekoe

Plucking standard : Two leaves and a bud

Hand plucked by :

1. Consolata Nafula
2. Lydiah Naliaka
3. Beatrice Nyaingiri
4. Edwin Simiyu
5. Zachariah Maina

Processing : 

Experience : Bright, fresh & vibrant

Last visited by Comins : Rob Comins February 2017

How to prepare [Western Style]..

Amount of tea per bowl (200 ml): 2.5 g (1 tsp)

Water temperature: 100 / 212 

Infusion / brewing time: 3 minutes

Number of infusions: 1

How to enjoy: No sugar, milk if desired.

Tales of the Tea Trade : Gatanga

Rob made his first trip to Kenya in 2017 - a trip that raised a number of questions for us that we explored in a series of blogs that you can read below.  These provide the background to the type of relationships we have tried to build here so are well worth a read in terms of understanding the Kenyan tea market.  

1. The challenges of sourcing tea in this amazing country and the potential routes we can now take having visited and made lasting connections.

2. Kenyan Purple Tea

3.  The history and impact of CTC tea in the Kenyan tea market & how change and opportunity is coming in the shape of Orthodox offerings

To read the full story of Robs trip you will have to read our book Tales of the tea trade [or ask Rob over a cup of tea...]  Until then here is an extract from our our book Tales of the tea trade :  

Gatanga Industries was started in 2016 by its current executive  chairman Mr Karanja Kinyanjui who holds a BSc degree in Botany.  Mr Karanja owns over 100 acres of both green and purple tea has over 34 years experience  in the tea industry both in the growing and processing of tea.  Here he tells us a little more about their enterprise :-
'In Gatanga Industries I am joined by three directors who between them own another  50 acres of both purple and green tea.  On the management we have a manager Elizabeth Njeri who has 15 years experience in  tea processing, is a lead auditor in ISO900-2015, internal auditor in ISO 22000-2005, Auditor in rainforest alliance and a professional trainer.
The tea Master is trained in China with  6 years experience and the teas are grown in high altitude of above 2,000 meters above sea level next to Aberdare forests  in deep well drained red soils and are pesticide free. 
The tea gardens have various tea cultivars :-
1.The world famous purple tea TFR 306 which is loaded with a lot of anthocyanins which are strong antioxidants.
2.Cultivar 6/8 which produces very good black tea.
3. Cultivar 303/577 has small leaves and is preferred in processing orthodox whole leaf specialty  teas.
4. TN 14/3 has small shiny leaves and is good in the preparation of white teas. 
5. SFS is a soft cultivar good in processing convectional orthodox teas. 
6.S15/10 is a  cultivar developed by James Finly of KERICHO Kenya and its tip has white hairs making it the best in production of white tea. 
The teas are hand picked mainly by women whose source of income is only tea picking with the gardens having about 200 tea pickers.The type of tea picked depends on the market starting with a bud only; one leaf a bud; two leaves and a bud (small leaves  about 5 days old) and two leaves and a bud ( bigger leaves of 7 to 10 days old)'


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