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Want to learn more about the world of fine tea?  Then join us for this 1h30 ONLINE introductory session.  This comprehensive session will cover the basics of :

1. The history and origin of tea
2. The Tea Plant
3. Tea Types
4. Tea Processing
5. Tea Brewing
6. Tea Sourcing
7. Tea Tasting - taking you on a tasting journey from the more familiar black tea to some of the finest green, oolong, white and puer teas in the world.  

This is the perfect way to get to know tea and our approach to sourcing at Comins before you take on some of our more details exploration courses.  We will break half way through for 10 minutes for tea and matcha cookies and to give you a chance to digest the information and ask questions.  

DAY : Changes 
 10AM - 11.3AM
PLACE : Online Zoom Meeting
WHAT YOU NEED : Upon registering we will send you a small sample of 5 different teas to brew as part of the course along with an introductory letter explaining what you need to do before you log on.  We will also send you the Meeting ID for the Zoom Session!  
IN ADVANCE : You need to download and familiarise with ZOOM
DATES : As below

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