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KC & Michelle’s Darjeeling Tasting Club (3x15g)

KC & Michelle’s Darjeeling Tasting Club (3x15g)


CONTAINS 3 different Darjeelings along with notes on each tea

15g First Flush Nurbong

15g Second Flush Pandam

15g Rainbow Darjeeljng 


Michelle has a long love affair with Darjeeling - after all this was the tea that started it all [you can read our book ‘Tales of the tea trade for the full story].  We have always offered Darjeeling at Comins but this year we wanted to expand our range and use Darjeeling as an example of just how diverse tea from one region can be.  

KC works at Ambootia & shares the same life-long love affair with the teas from this region.  Here Michelle explains how they came to know each other : ‘Following my trip to Ambootia in 2018 I always loved receiving my copy of Krishnendu Chatterjee [KCs] ‘Maverick’ in my inbox every week - every issue packed full of thoughts on many aspects of agriculture & soil and always ending with ‘golden words of wisdom'.  Having had the good fortune to travel all over the tea world I’ve noticed myself growing more and more fascinated in organic & biodynamic agriculture.  So, during lockdown, I finally plucked up the courage to ask if KC would offer to share some of his wisdom with me every week.   He kindly accepted - and ever since we have come together one early morning a week & let the conversation flow - guided by our interests & the topics that emerge - it was been wonderful, eye-opening & another example of the generosity that exists in #tea 

At Ambootia biodynamics are at the centre - an approach that talks about the intervention of all the elements and teaches respect for the microbes/creatures of this world.  Many of our conversations [see our blog for more details of these] have centred around this and through this we have come to talk of different gardens and the teas they produce

We are proud to now invite you to join us to taste three of the small lot Darjeeling teas we have so far purchased this year.  Stay tuned to the website for more to come!   We hope you enjoy the teas and the notes you can read overleaf


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