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Kenyan Nandi Royal OP [Emrok]

Kenyan Nandi Royal OP [Emrok]


Simply put...

From the Emrok Tea Estate, Nandi Hills, Kenya this is a bright and vibrant orthodox Kenyan tea.  An uplifting and full flavoured cup perfect throughout the day.  

This tea will be delivered in our new compostable packaging >> read more  here

We pride ourselves on our approach to building fair & sustainable relationships in Kenyan Tea.  Read more about our partnerships in Orthodox Kenyan Tea here 

In more depth...

Tea Name : Nandi Royal - Orange Pekoe

Tea Maker : Emrok Tea Factory 

Origin : Nandi Hills, Nandi County, Kenya’s Rift Valley region.  Alt 2,000m

Size of garden : 240 Hectares

Harvest Time/Date : 12/06/19

Cultivar : TN 14/3

Grade : OP- Orange Pekoe

Plucking standard : Two leaves and a bud

Processing : Orthodox

Experience : Bright, vibrant and uplifting.

Last visited by Comins : Rob Comins February 2017

How to prepare [Western Style]..

Amount of tea per bowl (200 ml): 2.5 g (1 tsp)

Water temperature: 100 / 212 

Infusion / brewing time: 3 minutes

Number of infusions: 1

How to enjoy: No sugar, milk if desired.

Tales of the Tea Trade : Emrok

Rob made his first trip to Kenya in 2017 - a trip that raised a number of questions for us that we explored in a series of blogs that you can read below.  These provide the background to the type of relationships we have tried to build here so are well worth a read in terms of understanding the Kenyan tea market.  

1. The challenges of sourcing tea in this amazing country and the potential routes we can now take having visited and made lasting connections.

2. Kenyan Purple Tea

3.  The history and impact of CTC tea in the Kenyan tea market & how change and opportunity is coming in the shape of Orthodox offerings

To read the full story of Robs trip you will have to read our book Tales of the tea trade [or ask Rob over a cup of tea...]  Until then here is an extract from our our book Tales of the tea trade :  

Rob: Emrok Tea is owned and operated by Robert and Emily Keter [...] It consists of a new factory surrounded by its own estate in Ogirgir. The estate originates from 1960 and was aquired by the Keters in 2002; they built their new factory in 2012. The factory is also fed by approximately 3,500 smallholders [...] All tea can be traced back to the estate or the smallholders.

[...] The tea is grown organically. is pesticide free and Rainforest Alliance certified, and the factory is also part of the Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP) [..] The tea is all hand plucked by pickers who are trained to select only the best two leaves and a bud, or even one leaf and a bud for some teas. Leaf is purchased from the smallholders at an agreed price higher than the standard rate, but they may get more if the tea sells well. Workers also have access to many social programmes to improve the lives of their community.

[...]Emrok is an inspirational estate with quality at its heart, and an orthodox speciality tea line has been built in the last year [...] Jeremiah Kosgei, a production assistant on the Emrok tea orthodox line explains: ‘When I report to work I am always jovial and focussed, as this is a job all about passion.

You must have a goal and work hard to achieve it. I start work at 6 a.m. at the factory and finish when I have achieved what I wanted. The best part of the job is experimentation – I am really interested in diversifying to look at new products and really believe that we need to improve the manufacture of orthodox teas in Kenya.’

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