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Korean Tea Ceremony Workshop  
with tea masters : Oh Kum Seop & Park Eun Jeoung : £30 pp

01/02/20 : Bath Tea House : 9-11AM
02/02/20 : Bath Tea House : 10-12PM
03/02/20 : Dorset Tea House : 10-12PM

The first 30 minutes of this workshop will introduce participants to the background and experience of the Korean Tea Ceremony. Conducted by tea master Oh Kum Seop & Park Eun Joung a small group will learn more about the life and background of Oh Kum Seop & Park Eun Joung and experience the green tea ceremony first hand. South Korean snacks will be served alongside  The group will then enjoy a guided tasting of korean white and fermented teas alongside teas from Wuyi Shan - where friends of Oh Kum Seop & Park Eun Joung have a small farm.  

You can see the profile of Oh Kum Seop below

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