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Puer Stained Tea Cup : Yu Xinrong Jingdezhen

Puer Stained Tea Cup : Yu Xinrong Jingdezhen


Michelle explains how we found these beautiful cups : On my first trip around Taoxichuan market in Jingdezhen I came across Yu Xinrong and his wife.  Their tea stained tea cups drew me in - more on these later.  Born in December 1984 Yu is a graduate of Hebei Qinhuangdao Yanshan University where he studied at the sculpture art and design institute.  On the year of his graduation, 2012, he started his business and is one of the new generation of young ceramicists who want to develop a new take on traditional ceramics and continue the tradition of Jingdezhen.  

Why Puer Stained?  

"At the time of making there was a cake on the tea table, a little old pu 'er, the tea colour is brownish red, the aroma is rich, it was cooked in a large pot.   It felt very interesting, through 15 days the ice cracks in the glaze slowly absorbed the tea, forming an irregular distribution of tea lines.  The end product a vision of the beauty of rhythm and time"

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