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Set of Two Tea Bowls - Comins Tea - 3

Set of Two Tea Bowls


An ideal gift for sharing, packaged in our bespoke gift box. Our porcelain tea bowls are hand thrown on a potter's wheel. This means that every tea bowl is unique.

Inspired by the simple bowls we have admired in many tea houses, our tea bowls are designed for everyday use but are also elegant enough to make tea time special. Each is marked with our cup and cat logo.

Due to the many processes involved in the production of our handmade tea bowls, slight variations may occur in their size and finish. These variations enhance the individuality and charm of each item.

Meet the maker

Rachel Dormor is an apprentice-trained potter who works mainly with porcelain to create thrown functional tableware. Since first using the potter’s wheel at the age of fourteen Rachel has come a long way and this year, two decades on, launched her collection at four international shows.

We were instantly captivated by Rachel's work when we first saw it at the Origin London Craft Fair and knew that she was the right person to make our bowls. Her combination of elegance and everyday functionality matched our vision exactly.

Apart from creating our specially commissioned tea bowls Rachel makes a range of finely thrown porcelain tableware in simple, elegant shapes. All her work is hand made in her Cambridge studio. Each piece is stamped with her discreet stylish potters mark which is listed in British Studio Potters’ Marks.

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