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Handmade Shiboridashi [Karina Klages] 60ml

Handmade Shiboridashi [Karina Klages] 60ml

A Shiboridashi can be likened to a small handle-less kyusu used for brewing gyokuro or high-quality sencha.  The slits you can see near the spout in the photo attached function as a strainer, keeping the brewed tea leaves in the pot and pouring out only the liquor.

Description :

  • Maker : Karina Klages [see description below]
  • One of a kind
  • 2 times fired / last firing on 1250 degrees
  • Unglazed
  • Colours: Anthracite or Dark-red
  • 60 ml

About Karina Klages :

"I´m Karina, 35 years old and I studied Graphic Design. I always had a deep connection to art and clay - since childhood. There was a magical place - an island named „Föhr“ in northern Germany - where we spend our holidays as a family. A real creative and peaceful place, where I worked with clay everytime… Last year, after a big life changing process, I started to work with clay on my own. It catched me in a new, deep way - that´s for sure. There are so many dimensions in aesthetics of clay and especially in Japanese teaware, which I can´t describe. It means a lot to me, to look at other artists work. So I began to create my own ideas - and I´m on way ;-).   Every pot that grows in my hands is one of a kind. I love to follow the clay and create a unique vessel. Drinking tea is a calm and peaceful moment for me - maybe that´s the reason why I´m highly interested in throwing teaware. It inspires me a lot, leads me back to nature - and it´s all about silence and beauty. It´s all about a quiet moment in a rushed everyday life. And I hope my ceramics would be handled just like that, as small peaceful treasures in a loud world.  
All ceramics are 100% handmade, thrown on a wheel and cared with love till they find their way in an electric kiln. I fire them two times. 
How to care for your Shiboridashi : My handmade ceramics should be handled with care. I recommend handwash - but they are dishwasher safe. So every now and then it could be possible to use the dishwasher for cleaning. 

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