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Silver Birch Tea Scoop

Silver Birch Tea Scoop


A beautiful hand-carved wooden tea scoop from the studio of Oak & Jay.  This scoop was made on the 26.6.20 from a piece of naturally fallen Silver Birch.  

Tales of the Tea Trade : Oak & Jay

We met Nick through the Tea House and have come to know each other over many cups of tea.   Nick & Ella have a very special energy which can be felt through all their creative work so when Nick shared these beautiful hand-crafted tea scoops with us we knew you would love them!  Here Nick shares a little of the background to his business 'What has become Oak and Jay has been a long time coming in my head. I have had a passion for designing and building ever since I was old enough to handle tools. There was plenty of scrap wood to be turned into whatever my sister and I could imagine while growing up on an aging horse ranch. Finishing a project always gave me the same bewildering feeling: an awe that I could build something useful with only my hands and tools. That was the beginning, but it wasn’t until much later that the philosophy of Oak & Jay and the importance that I place on transparency and sustainability, became as influential as the joy of creating'


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