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360ml Tokoname Black Pattern Kyusu Teapot with ceramic strainer [Hokuryu Kiln]

360ml Tokoname Black Pattern Kyusu Teapot with ceramic strainer [Hokuryu Kiln]


This traditional Japanese ceramic teapot is specially designed to brew green tea. The word "kyusu" translates as “teapot" and is commonly used to refer to a teapot with a side handle. This beautiful hand crafted ‘red’ Kyusu is sourced direct from the HOKURYU kiln in Japan and is perfect for two people people. Holding 360ml of tea it has a ceramic filter over the spout, so that even the finest tea leaves won’t come out. This is especially useful as Japanese teas can contain very small leaf particles.

About the HOKURYU Kiln

-  Kiln : HOKURYU Kiln ( 北龍窯 )

- Name of Master : Tatsuo UMEHARA ( 梅原 タツオ )

- Born year and city : Born in 1974 in Tokoname City, Aichi Prefecture.

- Education : Trained to produce teapot under guidance of his uncle & a potter Shoryu.

- Awards :

* Received awards twice at the Choza Prize Ceramics Exhibition
* Selected 6 times for the Choza Prize Ceramics Exhibition
* Received awards 4 times incl the bronze prize at Tokoname-ware Promo Exhibition
* Received awards 4 times at "Tokyo Dome Table Wear Festival", including the highest award and the Tokyo Governor Award, for which also selected 4 times
* Received the highest gold prize at "World Tea Festival Tea Ware Contest" in 2010

- Signature style of tea pots : Despite the many design awards, in everyday production he continues to make a simple teapot according to the needs of consumers. He is the third generation of a long-established pottery in Tokoname. He has taken over good old traditions, but he makes use of them modernly. His workshops have facilities for making pottery clay that have been handed down from generation, and he mixes pottery clay by himself.

To learn more about the different types of Tokoname Teapots including which may be the best choice for your tea you can read our blog here 

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