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Hand Thrown Yellow Ash Gaiwan | YUNBAI STUDIO Yangyang Li Jingdezhen

Hand Thrown Yellow Ash Gaiwan | YUNBAI STUDIO Yangyang Li Jingdezhen


From the moment you hold this Gaiwan and throughout the infusion you can feel and experience the fine finish - a finish that is only possible to produce through very delicate hand throwing skills

Upon the top 'we carved a small knob on the lid to look like a rock.' Yang Yang explains 'We hope to give the user a stone-like vibe in a subtle way which pleases the user but doesn't effect the whole appearance as a Gaiwan'

The beautiful glaze used is mixed with plant ash which is very tricky to handle.  So tricky that it has just a 50% success rate after firing!  Something that makes these beautiful creations even more precious


We first met Yangyang Li in the night market in Jingdezhen - the porcelain capital of China.  Yangyang explained how she uses porcelain and pottery clay to express different feelings through her pots.  She loves to make pieces in a 'casual way' often including hand drawings of plant elements.  The easiest way to understand the work that goes into each individual piece is to watch this video

Extract from Tales of the Tea Trade :

'Michelle: I love tea caddies, and the scent of tea you get each time you open them – a sensory marker for the journey ahead. When I saw some small, beautifully decorated pieces on a stall in the corner of the Taoxichuan market in Jingdezhen I had to take a closer look. This stall, it turned out, belonged to the YunBai Studio run by Yangyang Li. They use pottery clay, or porcelain clay, or both in different proportions, with different clay materials revealing different characteristics after ring. Careful thought is given to the composition of each piece.

Yangyang Li: ‘Porcelain clay expresses freshness and brightness, while pottery clay expresses unsophisticated and sober feelings. Using them in different proportions can express many other different feelings. Some of our glazes just come from the ordinary shop but we mix them in our own way and grind some with aerolite or other special stone. In general, our pieces will give you a sense of nature after ring. You will often find me making while enjoying a rock tea or orange peel puer!’

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