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An Exploration of Terroir : 18th April 2019 [18.00-19.30]






Join Rob & Michelle from Comins Tea, Sam from Clifton Coffee and Sam from Wolf Wines for a flavour adventure as we explore the impact of climate, soil and altitude on three different teas, coffees and wines.

Learn more about our companies and approaches below!   We look forward to seeing you for what should be a really fun and informative evening! 

Comins Tea co-founded and run by Michelle & Rob Comins is a direct trade fine tea merchants focused on unblended orthodox teas.  Travelling direct to source we aim to bridge the gap between grower and consumer by sharing the stories of those who pluck, process and produce fine teas.  In the UK at our Tea Houses we work to make fine tea & tea culture accessible as an everyday pleasure.  We respect the origins of tea by offering traditional preparation whilst giving tea drinkers control of the tea making process.  Terroir is a topic we discuss practically everyday at the Tea House so we look forward to welcoming you for this event.  

Sam MacCuaig is a World Brewers Cup Sensory Judge and green coffee buyer for Clifton Coffee Roasters. He manages direct purchase and import of specialty coffees from Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, El Salvador, Guatemala and Panama as well as working with importers on coffee from DR Congo, Rwanda, Kenya, Honduras, Guatemala, China and Uganda. On behalf of Clifton Coffee roasters Sam has set up the first multi-national controlled study on the impact of terroir on fermentation and cup profile, as well as co-ordinating sustainability, agronomic and social development projects across Africa and South& Central America.

Wolf Wine is a wine shop that celebrates the dreamers, the artists, the wine makers who have that flair. We think it's time for craft wine and that's what we bring to you. Small Production, craft wine from all over the world; as long as it's interesting, made in the right way and tastes great we're all over it! This means we have a variety of organic, biodynamic and natural wines. We want to share our excitement and knowledge for the sublime liquid that is wine and we can't wait for you to join us. 

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