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Comins Tea With Purpose

Join us & support a more positive future for tea through every cup

We have spent the last 10+ years travelling the world, building relationships and drinking a lot of tea. One thing that has become clear to us is how important people and their approach are in the process of making a tea which not only tastes great but also has a positive impact beyond the cup.

The 7 teas we have therefore chosen for our partnership project are from growers and partners who produce delicious & flavourful tea in a way that positively impacts people, nature and the planet. Importantly they are all also looking to educate beyond their tea gardens and broaden the impact of their approach.

The collection is a true partnership - specific teas have been selected and all packaging and literature has been designed and brought to life alongside our partners - an approach that offers you complete transparency on those producing your tea. This approach aims to bring the story of each tea to the forefront of tea-drinkers minds, bringing tea growers and tea drinkers closer than ever and showing how every cup of tea can support those working hard to make a positive difference.  Here are just a few of the people we are working with! 


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As a first step please submit a little information about yourselves and then we can set up some time for a no obligation chat. We can talk about your business, your goals, send samples to taste together and share more about the training, support and educational materials we offer.

We cant wait to connect with you!

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