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Hole & Corner Event: Breakfast Tea Tasting with Comins Tea 21.2.21 10AM

As part of Comins & Friends, a celebration of all the wonderful partners we work with, we are delighted to invite you, on  Sunday February 21 at 10am,  to join the Hole & Corner team and Comins Tea for a unique tasting session.

About this Event

All you need to do is put the kettle on and put your feet up.

We will send a selection of four of Comins' single estate teas from their 'Tea with Purpose' collection straight to your door. Login into our Zoom chat from the comfort of your sofa, (or your duvet if you’re having breakfast in bed) pour yourself a cup and join Michelle and Rob Comins at their Dorset base as they take you on a journey into their wonderful world. Find out more about each variety as you prepare and enjoy it, from its origins and the people who have dedicated their lives to growing it, to the characteristics and traditions associated with each one.

Rob & Michelle have been travelling the world since 2007 meeting and building relationships with dedicated growers to create an extensive range of loose leaf teas to the UK. They have two tea houses - one is situated Dorset and the other in the historic town of Bath.

A selection of their tea and their book Tales of The Tea Trade are available to buy from The Hole & Corner Shop. Shop now…


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