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HEALING : Tea & Landscape Summer 2021

After an extraordinary year the radio, TV and newstands are all trying to reassure us that we can soon return to 'normal'.  But what is 'normal' and do we really want to return there?  For tea merchants Comins the break enforced by the pandemic meant less travels to tea friends at origin & more time in nature closer to home.  This time, simply enjoying tea in local landscapes offered an invitation to root & deeply rest.  As the days turned to months this rest turned to gentle reflection, healing and regeneration.  

Taking tea outside is a past time enjoyed around the tea world - this is not a 'quick cup of tea' rather a ritual with carefully selected leaves, beautiful teaware and friends and family.  Through late Summer & Autumn of 2021 Comins invite you to share in their joy - to take out into some unique landscapes and contemplate how your own personal experiences can offer to reflection, healing and regeneration.   


We are delighted to invite you to come and take late summer tea in the beautiful landscape of Shatwell Farm [yarlington, nr bruton]. A collaboration that invites you to consider how the combination of tea, sound, design and landscape can offer you reflection, healing and regeneration

Take Tea in the silo or in the beautiful courtyard installed by Denman & Gould. Head out into the landscape with a beautiful travel tea set made by South Korean potter Seong Il Hong carefully packed in a portable tea bag. Sit back, sip tea & enjoy the music.

Comins will be offering a selection of our fine teas, delicious gyoza dumplings & tea inspired sweet treats - more details coming soon