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Black Tokoname Flower Japanese Water Cooler [Yuzamashi] [Gyokko Kiln]

Black Tokoname Flower Japanese Water Cooler [Yuzamashi] [Gyokko Kiln]


We are often asked 'how do we get the right water temperature for the perfect bowl of Japanese Tea?'.  You can of course use a temperature controlled kettle but traditionally, in Japan, the Yuzamashi or Water Cooler is used.  When brewing Sencha, Sencha Karigane, Sencha Fukamushi or Genmaicha simply pour boiling water into the Yuzamashi or Water Cooler and then pour water into your Kyusu teapot.  

By using this simple and beautiful pot in this way you will get the water to the ideal temperature of 176F (80C).  Brew for the appropriate time and then simply enjoy your tea!

Made in the GYOKKO Kiln Tokoname.

About the Gyokko Kiln

- Kiln : GYOKKO Kiln ( 玉光 窯 )

- Name of Master : Hirotaka UMEHARA ( 梅原 廣隆 )

- Born year and city : Born in 1946 in Tokoname City, Aichi Prefecture.

- Education : After graduating from Tokoname High School Ceramics Department, he trained under his father, the predecessor Gyokko.

- Awards (excerpt) :

* The title holder of the Master of Traditional Crafts
* Selected for the Japan Traditional Crafts Association Exhibition
* Choza Prize at the Choza Prize Ceramics Exhibition
* Chairman's Award of the Ceramics Assn at the Ceramics Ind Promotion Exhibition
* Received the Order of the Sacred Treasure Single Light

- Signature style of tea pots : He independently developed new pottery clays such as white clay and green clay, as well as colorful liquid clays for painting teapots. He has several styles of teapots that only he can make, such as flat teapots and large teapots. He creates pottery in pursuit of what modern consumers truly want, and this is reflected in his works.

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