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Taiwanese Heritage Wuyi Oolong

Taiwanese Heritage Wuyi Oolong


Simply put...

A complex tea with a sweet mineral profile 

In more Depth...

Tea Name : Wuyi Oolong 

Tea Maker : Tsai Brothers

Origin : Nantou County

Harvest Time : October 2022;  baked in Feb./March 2023

Cultivar Heritage Wuyi Cultivar : this cultivar was originally planted around Taipei before spreading further.  It fell out of favour as it is not as flowery or exuberant as other cultivars [a profile favoured in Taiwanese teas] so only a few growers now continue with it.  It is not as generous in yield but makes fabulous high oxidised teas.  

Plucking standard : Hand-Picked, from 2 up to 4 leaves

Processing : Traditional low oxidation (higher than the modern green style type oolongs) and then multi-step baked

Plucked and processed on site 

Tales of the Tea Trade : Tsai Brothers...

Tea production in Taiwan is highly collaborative with the numerous steps involved contracted out to a number of small businesses.  This oolong is the result of a collaboration between two young brothers - the Tsai brothers - with an ambition to gain organic certification for their family tea garden - and a facility and Master Baker Yu Wen [where this oolong is baked] with an visionary plan to move to carbon neutral/ negative in the next two years.  

In this highly networked tea system, their work, supported by your purchase & the guarantee of regular orders and a fair price, has the potential to inspire others to take the same path. In a business that needs to attract and retain more young people the hope is that this pioneering approach will demonstrate first hand how exciting a positive & sustainable future in Taiwanese tea can be. 

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