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Hand made Blue Fluted Teapot [Bai Brothers Studio, Nantou Taiwan]

Hand made Blue Fluted Teapot [Bai Brothers Studio, Nantou Taiwan]


A stunning Hand made Blue Fluted Teapot from the Bai Brothers Studio, Nantou Taiwan

Bai Brothers Studio

The Bai Mu Quan family studio was established in the 1980s in Nantou County by renowned artistic potter Bai Mu Quan, the father of the family. This young potter, despite his relatively short tenure behind a potter’s wheel, has quickly mastered his craft with works of great sensibility in style and form whilst never compromising on function. The precision in his craftsmanship is simply stunning considering the challenges of working with porcelain as his material of choice. His use of different textures, like the gentle angular scalloped outer-surface motif on many of his most recent pieces give a certain organic feel to his work which is both appropriate to the pure, flowing shapes of his pieces and gives an added texture in the tone of the finish. These distinctive finishes is the result of making good use of the years of experience in creating masterful glazed finishes at the Bai Mu Quan family studio and pushing the threshold of experimentation with glazes, wood-firing, and often both techniques used simultaneously.

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