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Master Zhang's Wood Fired 'Mirror' Teapot  [Tai Chung Taiwan]

Master Zhang's Wood Fired 'Mirror' Teapot [Tai Chung Taiwan]


Name : Master Zhang's Wood Fired 'Mirror' Teapot 

Studio : Master Zhang's, Tai Chung Taiwan

About the studio : Mr Zhang  lives with his parents in Tai Chung; making teaware in the living room of his family home & is a maniac of precision. 

This beautiful pot is made with a blend of clay - Miaoli region clay - an area in the centre of town well known for its clays [which are traditionally used to make big vats for soy sauce and aged wines]  mixed with porcelain.  Different blends give different hues.  High porcelain is good for fragrant tea and low porcelain is good for aged teas - this is around a half half mix.  There is no glaze on this piece just the minerals in the clay which fuze during wood firing.  Firing is undertaken in snake kilns [also seen in Japan and Korea] which are loaded with teaware & wood.  You start the fire at the base and it moves up.  The kiln is built on a slope which acts as a natural chimney - and the input is controlled for a slow burning process.  

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