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Blue Porcelain Gaiwan [Da Bai, Nantou Taiwan] : 140ml

Blue Porcelain Gaiwan [Da Bai, Nantou Taiwan] : 140ml


Name : Blue Porcelain Gaiwan

Maker : Da Bai -

Studio : Bai Brothers studio, Nantou County Taiwan

Size : 140ml 

About The Bai Studio

This original design is the work of Da Bai, the oldest sibling of the Bai Mu Quan family – a studio established in the 1980s in Nantou County by renowned artistic potter Bai Mu Quan, the father of the family. 

Da Bai has a specific interest in tea making during the Ming Dynasty - researching many of the famous pieces of the time and re-interpreting them.  The small foot & style of the lid on this Gaiwan demonstrates this link and interest.  The lip allows for a good pour and this is made from porcelain which is painted and fired.  

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