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Taste of the Himalayas Gift Set

Taste of the Himalayas Gift Set


EXPLORE the beautiful diversity of black teas from 3 different tea producing areas in the heart of the Himalayas.  This set is perfect for those looking to move away from stronger black teas as all are to be taken without milk


30g Himalayan Hand Rolled

30g Nuxalbari Himalayan Mist

30g Rainbow Darjeeljng 



The organic and biodynamic Ambootia garden is around 4000ft and spread across several hills with a large section covered by dense forest. As outlined on our website ‘Ambootia tea garden is the UN's model Organic tea farm and we try to maximise natural influences to synergise with the inherent quality of tea plants to produce the best Darjeeling. It's one-of-a- kind of tea estate with 2/3rd of the total area remaining under forest and rivers- the intrinsic quality of nature, fragrance of natural flowers and plants, river bound air contemplates in quality. Ambootia is equipped with arguably the best tea factory of Darjeeling to ensure that we do justice to the unparalleled quality that the plants produce’


Sandakphu is the highest habitable point in the district of Ilam in the far eastern part of Nepal adjoining the Sikkim and Darjeeling hills of India. Sandakphu Tea Plantation is located at the foothills of Sandakphu Peak at a place known as Jasbirey Village and was initiated somewhere in the year 1990 with the plants derived from high quality tea varieties planted locally by ancient farmers migrating from other villages of Ilam district. The plantation is young and fresh nearing maturity and therefore, the quality of tea is considered very high as compared to many other tea areas of Nepal. The character and flavor profile of Sandakphu is unique to its bio-diversity and unique location found only in such high elevations (tea production unit is located at 6500 feet while the farmers plantations are as high as 8000 feet and plus).


Located in Darjeeling District, Nuxalbari Tea Estate (alt 800 ft.) is a pleasantly wooded,1200-acre property. Home to over a thousand families of workers, It nestles snugly in the lap of the Eastern Himalayas, and is a tropical paradise with lush vegetation and a wide variety of birds, wild langurs, the solitary leopard and herds of Asian Elephants that criss-cross the estate. It is also the first Indian tea estate to get world's 'elephant-friendly' tag 


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