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Brewing and Storage Tips

Brewing Tips

Brewing Loose Leaf Tea:

Making good tea is all about balance. The taste not only depends on your leaves but also on how you brew them. Each type of tea has an optimum water temperature and brewing (or infusion) time to bring out its best flavour. However, we all have different taste preferences, so don't be afraid to experiment with the temperature and brewing time to make your cup of tea truly yours.

  • Choose your tea and tip the right amount into a filter or teapot

  • Heat fresh water to the recommended temperature for your tea

  • Add the water to the tea and leave to brew (or infuse) for the suggested time

  • Remove the tea leaves and enjoy

  • Re-infuse the tea leaves if possible*

*Some teas, usually white and green, can be infused more than once. Before you throw your leaves away, check if they can be reused for another cup.

Water Temperature:

Generally, for black teas the water should be at a rolling boil. For other types the temperature must be lower. If you don’t have a kettle with temperature control, after the water boils, let it cool for 30 seconds for white tea, or 60 seconds for green tea, before pouring over the leaves.

KettleIf the water is too HOT for your tea type it becomes too astringent (sharp and bitter). It will also scald the tea, destroying many desirable characteristics such as aromas, for example.




If the water is too COLD some elements from the tea leaves will not be dissolved, reducing the depth of flavour.




It is best to preheat your pot or cup, so that the water temperature does not drop when you put the water in. Tea leaves need space to expand and release their flavour, so overly small filters or tea-diffusers may not give the best results. Remember to remove your leaves from the water after the recommended brewing time, otherwise your tea will become bitter.

Storage Tips

Tea must be protected from light, moisture, temperature and odours. Just like our tea tins, a storage container must be airtight and not transparent. Store away in a cool, dry place away from strong smells. If you do this, your tea will be good for many months (even years) depending on the type. Our Sencha Tea can be stored in the fridge to keep it fresh for longer.