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Tea School

Our Tea School is located downstairs in our Bath Tea House and is usually the place to come and learn more about the wonderful world of tea. 

We currently only offer one 'in house' Tea School session once a month on a Saturday.  The rest of our courses have now moved all of our courses ONLINE! using the ZOOM Platform which means you can now learn all about tea from the comfort of your home!

We currently offer a number of short sessions on Tuesday evenings.  If you would prefer one of the courses on a day that is not advertised get in touch and we'll see what we can do. Any questions please just give us a call!

PLEASE NOTE : Our Introduction to Tea class is aimed at those new to Tea and our exploration classes look in more depth at each of the different tea categories. For people who know tea well & are looking for more immersive classes, tastings and discussion we would recommend to book private sessions at the Tea House when we re-open.