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The Steep Sessions

Over the years our Tea Houses have become spaces for discussion, connection and the exchange of ideas.   Total strangers, prompted by the taking of tea, discuss and share experiences on diverse topics.  Often leaving with more questions than answers our tea friends share how they find these unexpected interruptions to their day stimulating, optimistic and energising.

These encounters are set against the backdrop of modern British life - busier than ever yet feeling less productive.  More digitally connected but feeling more isolated.  It would seem that finding time and space for discussion, connection and exchange is more important than ever.  

This is a feeling shared by our great friend Lizzie Shupak [co-founder of Wok n Wine] who together with Michelle Comins has set up the Steep Sessions.  Tea is central to our concept, a simple tangible mechanism for the exchange of ideas.  Each session focuses on a theme and starts by exploring its relationship with tea and our life in tea before inviting in new perspectives to expand the discussion. At the end guests are offered a simple hot meal and a cup of nourishing tea - mirroring the hospitality we have experience around the world as we have set up and grown our company.