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Taiwanese Aroma set [Cha Bei / Wun Xiang Bei / Saucer]

Taiwanese Aroma set [Cha Bei / Wun Xiang Bei / Saucer]


A very special way to appreciate Taiwanese tea 
Background to this set : In the 1980s, when the very fragrant & very floral style of greener oolong became popular artisans & tea makers making tea-ware developed a specific aroma cup - not for drinking tea but for appreciating the aroma.  This formed part of a 3 part set & ceremony to help appreciate tea in all its senses.

  • Cha Bei - Tea Cup
  • Wun Xiang Bei - literally means 'concentrate fragrant cup'
  • Saucer - or presentation plate

There are several different ways to use this set but the volume of the aroma cup must match the volume of the drinking cup. 
STEP 1 : Prepare your tea in a Gaiwan
STEP 2 : The Wun Xiang Bei is always filled first from the Gaiwan before the tea is poured into the Cha Bei 
STEP 3 : The fragrance can then be enjoyed by smelling the aroma inside the Wun Xiang Bei before sipping from the Cha Bei [The Wun Xiang Bei is essentially a funnel that concentrates the aroma of the tea]

The aroma changes as the remaining vapours in the cup cool - becoming sweeter.

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