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Grey / Blue Houhin [Xiao Bai, Bai Brothers Studio, Nantou Taiwan]

Grey / Blue Houhin [Xiao Bai, Bai Brothers Studio, Nantou Taiwan]


Name : Grey / Blue Pouring Gaiwan 

Studio/Maker : Bai Mu Quan family studio / Xiao Bai 

Material : Pure Japanese porcelain

Bai Brothers Studio

The Bai Mu Quan family studio was established in the 1980s in Nantou County by renowned artistic potter Bai Mu Quan, the father of the family.

About  Bai Xiao : Xiao Bai is the more modern and younger of the two Bai brothers.  This piece is inspired by the shiboridashi of Japan and the Chinese Houhin [Lidded Cup] &  is made of pure Japanese porcelain.  The Porcelain acts as a mirror to reflect aromas and the painted glaze creates a marbling. 

This piece is 100% handmade and fired in a small oven which allows consistent temperature and complete precision. 

Tea Suggestion : You could of course use any tea in this vessel but it is perhaps best for Qing Xiang or fragrant emerald teas - the encompassing category for low oxidised often high mountain oolong teas.  Qing- the colour representing oolong [emerald/blue-ish green] Xiang = fragrance or aroma

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