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Silver with Stripe 170ml Kyusu Teapot with ceramic strainer [Tomohiro Kiln]

Silver with Stripe 170ml Kyusu Teapot with ceramic strainer [Tomohiro Kiln]


This traditional Japanese ceramic teapot is specially designed to brew green tea. The word "kyusu" translates as “teapot" and is commonly used to refer to a teapot with a side handle. This beautiful hand crafted silver Kyusu is sourced direct from the TOMOHIRO studio in Tokoname Japan and is perfect for two people people. Holding 170ml of tea it has a flat ceramic filter over the spout, so that even the finest tea leaves won’t come out. This is especially useful as Japanese teas can contain very small leaf particles.

About the Tomohiro Kiln

- Name of Master : Tomohiro SAWADA (澤田朋大)

- Year & city of Birth : Born in 1975 in Tokoname City, Aichi Prefecture.

- Education : Graduated from Tokoname City Ceramics Research Institute

- Awards : 

* Selected for the Japan Contemporary Arts and Crafts Exhibition (13 times)
* Received a special prize at the Japan Contemporary Crafts Tokai Exhibition (2 times)
* Received the Tokoname City Art Exhibition Mayor's Award and other awards (3 times)
* Selected for the Japan Fine Arts Exhibition (4 times)
* Selected for the Tokai Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition (4 times)
* Selected for the Japanese Tea Crafts Exhibition
* Exhibited at Korea Expo 2001

- Signature style of tea pots : 'Inheriting his master's art style, he creates teapots with a designer's sensibility. Born in a kiln that produces chemically precise ceramics, his works also show the delicate preparation of clay and glaze. Active as an ceramic artist for a long time, his artistry is also demonstrated in the production of tea utensils'

To learn more about the different types of Tokoname Teapots including which may be the best choice for your tea you can read our blog here 

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