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Murali 's Nilgiri White

Murali 's Nilgiri White


Simply put...

A delicate smooth, sweet and fresh handmade white tea

How to make Nilgiri White Tea

Amount of tea per gaiwan (200ml):
5g (one tea caddy spoon) or (2 tsp) of leaf

Temperature of water:
Infuse at 80 C (176 F)

Infusion time:
2-3 minutes as desired

Number of infusions:
Leaves can be re-infused up to 4 times

How to enjoy:
No milk, no sugar 

In more depth...

Origin - Nr Ooty, Tamil Nadu, Southern India
Harvest time - July
Cultivar: The plants are of ‘China plant’ variety. No known cultivar name or number. With small, thin leaves, it is suitable for producing quality orthodox tea. It has adapted to the Nilgiri Mountains very well and developed its own distinct flavour.
Tea maker - Murali Subramanian
Plucking standard - Plucking standard: Two young leaves and 1 unopened bud or one leaf and one bud 
Processing - A Chinese Shou Mei style white tea. After plucking the leaves are carefully sun dried for 72 hours. Final meticulous sorting is carried out to make sure each leaf has a silvery bud intact. Out of 6 kg of carefully plucked leaves, you will generallyget only 600 grams of finished white tea (10% yield).
Experience: Smooth, sweet and fresh
Recommended preparation: Gaiwan

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