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Red Rust Jianzhan Tea Pot

Red Rust Jianzhan Tea Pot


This Red Rust Teapot is from Shuiji, the hometown of Jianzhan (also called Tenmoku tea ware).  The ancient kiln of Shoujicha used to be the place for making tea wares exclusively for the royal family  

The Gaiwan or covered bowl is for many the preferred method for brewing teas with delicate flavours, such as green and white teas, but is suitable for any type of tea. The Gaiwan consists of a lid, bowl and saucer. Tilted slightly to provide a small gap, the lid is used to strain tea leaves from a fresh infusion, while the saucer helps you lift the hot cup to your lips. Traditionally it is used in place of a teapot, as a combination teapot and teacup or simply as a drinking cup. With a little practice it is a great way to make tea.


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