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2022 T-18 Red Jade White Tea

2022 T-18 Red Jade White Tea


Simply put...

Don't be deceived by the dark leaf appearance - this tea delivers a light clear cup.  The infused leaf has a distinct camphor like tone while the cup is thick & sweet leaving a mellow tone & lingering coolness in the mouth.  Be patient - it takes a little time to get to know this tea!  

For interest.....

Please read more about this tea in our blog EXPLORING THE DIVERSITY OF TAIWANESE TEA: BLOG 1 : WHITE TEA

In more depth...

Tea Maker :  This tea is made in a small family run factory under the supervision of Yuwen - please read this blog to learn more about our Taiwanese tea
Leaf Origin : Mr Li, Baguashan, Nantou County, Taiwan, 300m ASL
Harvest Time :  Summer 2022 
Cultivar : Hong Yu T-18 tea cultivar [please read more on Taiwanese cultivars by clicking on this link > this cultivar is the base the very famous Red Jade Black Tea]
Plucking standard : Hand Picked young leaves and buds
Processing : low oxidation, no baking
To learn more about our partnerships in Taiwan and who we work with to bring you these great teas please do head over to our blog > what you read here is just part of our commitment to greater transparency in tea.

How to prepare tea [Gaiwan or Taiwan Travel Set]

Amount of tea per pot : 2.5g

Water temperature: 90 C

You can also enjoy this tea cold : follow our guide to making cold brew tea

Infusion / brewing time: 2-3 minutes

There is a depth of flavour that develops over multiple infusions of the same leaves.

Number of infusions: 4

How to enjoy: No sugar, no milk.

How to prepare tea [Western Style]

Amount of tea per cup (200 ml) - 5g (2 teaspoon)

Temperature of water - 90℃ / 176℉

Infusion time - 2 - 3 mins 1st infusion, 2 minute subsequent.

Number of infusions -4 

There is a depth of flavour that develops over multiple infusions of the same leaves.

How to enjoy - No milk, no sugar

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