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British Fruitwood Tea Caddy Spoons

British Fruitwood Tea Caddy Spoons


Handmade from English cherry or pear wood our stylish tea caddy spoons are ideal for measuring the right amount of tea for your perfect cup.

Simply put...

Using the correct amount of loose leaf tea is an essential part of brewing the perfect cup. Our tea caddy spoons are hand turned on a lathe by British woodworker Phil Irons. The process involves six separate operations in order to form the spoon shape. Our tea spoons are made from English pear wood, which is inert (chemically inactive) and turns well. Each tea caddy spoon is finished to make it totally food safe and therefore ideal for measuring out our tea. The nature of the wood accounts for small variations in colour and pattern, but this is one of the reasons why our tea caddy spoons are so special.

Meet the Maker

Phil Irons is a self-taught woodworker based in Stratford upon Avon. His first experience came at the age of ten, when his father was given an antique child's treadle lathe. It was not until the age of twenty-eight that he took up woodworking seriously, initially developing his knowledge through books. When Phil was thirty-four a hobby turned into a profession. In the following fifteen years he has inspired many through his teaching and the project book he has written.

Apart from making our bespoke caddy spoons, Phil creates work that is sold through many contemporary galleries. He uses white woods that are coloured with spirit stains and other means to emphasise the natural form that may not be apparent to an untrained eye. He also does a lot of teaching and demonstrating of techniques nationally and internationally. To fill any spare time he may have he runs a web based business selling wood-turning machinery and associated products.

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