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Tea Filters


Simply put...

A pack of tea filters perfect for holding loose leaf tea when using tea bowls or a teapot. Our disposable tea filters are a convenient way to enjoy loose leaf tea either at home or on the move.

How to use your Tea Filters

To use, spoon your leaves into the filter and stand it in your tea bowl or cup. If using a teapot close the lid over the end of the filter to hold it in place. Add water at the correct temperature and after the required infusion time remove the filter. Either put aside for another infusion or dispose. To make filling-up easy each filter has an elongated back and is wide enough for our tea caddy spoon. Its wide base means that no filter holder is required.

The size of the filters are 13cm high and 8.3cm wide with a base depth of 5cm. Having enough space in a filter is essential as the leaves need space to swell, expand and unfurl to release their full flavour. The Filters are made of taste-neutral wood and hemp fibres and are chlorine free and unbleached. They are completely biodegradable and compostable.

Tea Tip: Carry filters in your tea tin or take pre-filled bags with you if you are on the move.

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