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Yuchi Red Jade Black Tea T-18

Yuchi Red Jade Black Tea T-18


Simply put...

Yu Chi Red Jade is a smooth, fruity and malty tea from a small family run farm in Nantou, Taiwan.

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In more depth.

Tea Name : Yu Chi Red Jade

Tea Maker : Mr Li

Origin : Near Sun Moon Lake, Yu Chi Township, Nantou County, Taiwan

Harvest Time : August

Cultivar : T-18

Plucking standard : Hand picked, one leaf and one bud

Processing : Withered, rolled, oxidised and fired

Experience : Smooth, fruity and malty

How to prepare [Western method]

Amount of tea per bowl (200 ml): 2.5 g (1 tsp)

Water temperature: 100 / 212 

Infusion / brewing time: 2 minutes

Number of infusions: 3

How to enjoy: No sugar, no milk.

How to prepare [Gong Fu] 

Amount of tea per pot: ⅓ full of leaf

Water temperature: 100 / 212 

Infusion / brewing time:  1 minute (30 secs for further infusions)

Number of infusions: 4+

How to enjoy: No sugar, no milk.

Tales of the Tea Trade : Yuchi Red Jade

Rob : This tea is grown on a garden run by two parents with their teenage boys helping out. No pesticides are used across the garden. The photo below shows the garden,  with the leaf for Yu Chi Red Jade growing down the hill in a section without the Areca palm trees

Within their garden grows several heritage Assamica tea trees, which were planted during the Japanese regime (1895-1945). These trees have grown from seeds and plants originated in Assam, Northern India and would have been planted by the Japanese to boost black tea production at the time. Japan did not want to disrupt their own green tea production.

Made from the Red Jade T 18 cultivar (hence the name) this orthodox Black Tea (or 紅茶 hóng chá “red tea”) is heavily oxidised. The dry leaf is in the form of twisted strips.  The tea makes a dark burgundy, brandy coloured liquor with a strong and sweet aroma.  The tannins are very supple, not overpowering like many summer T-18. Over the multiple infusions possible with this tea the complexity of the flavours appear and the lingering aftertaste becomes more apparent.

I would therefore recommend this tea for those exploring the texture and tone of black tea more widely.  It certainly also has the complex nature to interest more established drinkers.

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