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ONLINE EXPLORATION - WHITE TEA [Wednesday evening 5.30pm]

ONLINE EXPLORATION - WHITE TEA [Wednesday evening 5.30pm]


Join us for this 1h ONLINE session dedicated to the exploration of white tea. Famed for its richness in antioxidants and its delicate, refreshing flavours white tea is gaining popularity. For this session we will explore the huge variety of white teas available and the growing regions and processing methods that determine their profile. We will look at brewing methods and teaware choices that help you to get the most from your tea and of course taste our way through the range of fine white teas we hold on our menu at Comins.

DAY : Always WEDNESDAY but dates vary
 5.30pm UK TIME
PLACE : Online Zoom Meeting
WHAT YOU NEED : Upon registering we will send you a small sample of 4 different teas to brew as part of the course along with an introductory letter explaining what you need to do before you log on.  We will also send you the Meeting ID for the Zoom Session!  
IN ADVANCE : You need to download and familiarise with ZOOM
DATES : As below

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