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Houjicha Tea

Houjicha Tea


Simply put...

Houjicha tea is a roasted, nutty everyday tea. Our Houjicha is a roasted green tea from Japan. This tea has a smooth, toasted nutty flavour and powerful aroma.

How to make Houjicha Tea

Amount of tea per serving (200 ml): 3g (1 tea caddy spoon / 2 teaspoons)

Temperature of water: 100℃ / 212℉

Infusion time: 15 - 30 seconds

Number of infusions: 3

How to enjoy: No milk, no sugar

In more depth...

Houjicha Tea Grade: Houjicha is an affordable, everyday tea.

Houjicha Tea Origin: Our Houjicha is grown in Uji, Kyoto. This tea has the same first three processing steps as Sencha. First they are steamed, then dried and crumpled before being shaped. But to make Houjicha, the tea goes through one special additional step which is pan roasting.

Like Sencha, tea leaves for Houjicha are grown with full sunlight. This means it contains the beneficial Catechin. Due to the process of pan roasting it is also very low in caffeine. Consequently, in Japan, Houjicha is commonly given to babies and people who are sick because it is both nourishing and low in caffeine. It also makes very nice iced-tea.

Houjicha is a good affordable everyday tea. In originated when tea famers would pick leaves and roast them over a fire before placing them in their pots. The processes used have developed since then but tea farmers still drink large quantities of it every day. Japanese farmers are well-known for their good health, and this is one of the reasons why.

Houjicha Tea Flavour: This tea makes an amber liquor. It has a hearty roasted aroma that lingers when brewed. The flavour is toasty nutty and it has an earthy and warm quality which makes you want more. There is no bitterness despite its colour. It has an excellent aftertaste. Houjicha makes an excellent tea to accompany most foods.

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