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Mr Sakamoto's Saemadori Gyokuro Tea

Mr Sakamoto's Saemadori Gyokuro Tea


Simply put...

Gyokuro tea is a green tea from Japan. This tea uses the Saemadori cultivar to create a mild, sweet and lightly astringent tea.

How to make Mr Sakamoto's Saemadori Gyokuro Amount of tea per cup (200 ml): 5g (one tea caddy spoon)

Temperature of water: 60℃ / 140℉

Infusion / brewing time: 1-3 minutes 

Number of infusions: 3-4

In more depth...

Provenance: Kagoshima, Japan

Gyokuro Tea Grade: Gyokuro is the finest grade of Japanese tea. This Gyokuro comes from the Kagoshima area, which is known for producing fine umami rich teas.

Gyokuro Tea Origin: Our Gyokuro is grown in Kagoshima, Kyushu Island, Japan. The tea farm is 3 hectares in size, organic and specialises in gyokuro. Mr Sakamoto produces his own organic fertiliser for the farm and is passionate about producing the healthiest, highest quality teas he can.

Gyokuro is grown under shade for the last twenty days before harvesting, a technique which creates its sweet taste.

Gyokuro Tea Flavour: The tea makes a light green liquor and has a fresh, green aroma. The grassy, umami rich flavour is bright and clear.

This tea offers an insight into the beauty and richness of Kagoshima teas.

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