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Murali 's Nilgiri Green

Murali 's Nilgiri Green


Simply put...

A sweet, smooth and mildly astringent tea perfect in the morning

How to make Nilgiri Green Tea

Amount of tea per cup (200ml):
5g (one tea caddy spoon) or (2 tsp) of leaf

Temperature of water:
Infuse at 80 C (176 F)

Infusion time:
2-3 minutes as desired

Number of infusions:
Leaves can be re-infused up to 3 times*

How to enjoy:
No milk, no sugar 

In more depth...

Origin - Nr Ooty, Tamil Nadu, Southern India

Harvest time - June 

Cultivar - No known cultivar name/number. With small, thin leaves it is suitable for producing quality orthodox tea. It has adapted

Tea maker - Murali Subramanian

Plucking standard - Two leaves & one bud

Experience - Sweet, smooth and mildly astringent

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