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High Grade Yame Matcha [JAS Organic] Nishi cha en / Koga San

High Grade Yame Matcha [JAS Organic] Nishi cha en / Koga San


Simply put...

A single cultivar [Yabukita] high grade matcha

What's in a name : This is high grade due to it being single cultivar [unblended], single garden, hand-picked and then stone-ground carefully to reach an average size of 15 µm

We were very lucky to receive a visit from Koga San whose company represents and processes Mr. Kazuyuki Sato along with a representative from the Kyusu prefecture - you can read more directly from Koga San >> here <<

In more depth...

Tea Name : High-grade [JAS organic] matcha

Origin and size of garden : Kirishima, in Kagoshima, 60 hectares

Tea Maker :    Organic Tencha is grown by Nishi cha en in Kagoshima in an eco-friendly way, and transformed into matcha (stone-milled) by Koga san in Yame.

Harvest Time : first harvest in May

Cultivar : Yabukita

Plucking standard : hand picked

Processing :   the leaves are shaded 20 days before harvest. After plucking, the tencha is steamed, then the stems and veins of the leaves are removed, before shipping to the matcha manufacturer in  Yame. The leaves are stone-grinded carefully to reach an average size of 15 µm.

Experience : 
Mellow umami

Last visited by Comins : October 2017, Rob Comins 

How to prepare [Chawan]

Amount of tea per serving (80ml): 2.5g (half a tea caddy spoon / 2 Chashaku*) Sift before use to remove lumps.

Temperature of water: 70℃ / 176℉ (boil kettle, cool for 40 seconds)

Infusion time: Once water added whisk until there is a rich foam in top.

Number of infusions: 1

How to enjoy: No milk, no sugar

*A Chashaku is a traditional matcha bamboo measuring spoon. Each chashaku equals 1 teaspoon.

NOTE: To create a rich and foamy bowl of Matcha, move the bamboo whisk or 'Chasen' quickly like writing the letter "W." It is not a circular stirring motion. Move your wrist back and forth very quickly in short jerks. This method creates a nice frothy lather. If you do not have a whisk a milk frother or normal whisk will be OK but is not recommended.

In more depth...

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